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Over the weekend I purchased a Samsung 32" LCD HDTV (LN32A550). I plan on using this as my TV and as a PC monitor. It has 3 HDMI Ports, VGA port and a series of other component, svideo, etc... ports.

I have a Samsung 5.1 home theater system connected via HDMI cable and it works really well. HD Cable box provided by TIme warner connected thru the HTS - HDMI IN to utilize the surround sound and then thru the HDMI OUT to the TV.

What would be the best way to connect my PC to the TV? I want the best video connection possbile. Currently I have an ATI X1900XT with dual DVI Out on the video card.

This TV supports 1080P. Is there any way that I can get a 1080p to display to this TV from the video card? Do I need to upgrade to something with HDMI Out from the videocard to achieve that specification?

Input would be greatly appreciated..!!!
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  1. You can either use one of these or a standard VGA cable (with a DVI => VGA adaptor on the card). The former will give you the best picture quality
  2. Hi EChiasson, where did you get the samsung ln32a550 from ? ive been looking for that tv but can't find any uk sellers?? and how much did you pay if you dont mind ? thanks
  3. I have a very similar setup to you.

    I have a LN40A650 and wanted to hook my PC to my TV.
    My PC did not have optical output for audio and I needed a new video card. So rather than hooking up video using a DVI to HDMI converter (or cable) and going out and buying a soundcard with optical output; I upgraded to a 4870 which supports 1080p and 7.1 audio over the DVI>HDMI converter.

    I believe any 48xx card supports audio out using the provided DVI to HDMI adapter and the new 46xx might as well.

    That being said a cheaper solution or if you do not want to upgrade your video card, you could get a cheap sound card with optical output and hookup for video via a DVI to HDMI cable.
  4. Oh BTW I had to go from my PC to the TV via HDMI and then from the TV to the receiver via Optical to get sound out of my samsung receiver.
    If I plugged the HDMI directly into the receiver than I would either get no audio or it would randomly show a box on the TV saying 'Signal Not Supported'
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