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Ive just completed my first build with the following specs:

8800gts (320mb)
4GB Corsair XSMS2 (4-4-4-12)
Asus P5N-D

Everything is running at stock speed (actually I think the gfx card is one of those factory overclocked ones)

I ran 3dmark06 and got 9,958 points. I thought this was a bit on the low side. Does anyone else think so?
Does resolution effect the score? mines currently at 1680*1050.
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  1. For comparison's most people run 3DMark06 at the default settings. And yes resolutions affect the score, the higher the resolution, the lower the score.

    Run it again at default settings and see what you get.
  2. Q6600....stock @2.4Ghz?
    8800gts.....older 320 meg version?
    That score is about what I would expect.
  3. Would it be safe to overclock my cpu on stock cooler? What temp should I try to stay under?
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