need to build gaming system 4r~ 2000$

can anybody help me to build my sys basically 4r gaming & little bit of programming. 200$-300$ can exceed.thanks in advance.
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  1. but i have thought to have sli confg
  2. x38 wont support sli, only crossfire

    you'll need a 750i/780i/790i...or 680i...
  3. Socket 775 will be around for at least 12-18 months. Likely longer.

    With a $2k budget you should wait for the new graphics cards comming out this summer (GTX 280, HD4870) and pick a platform then.
  4. i think i should wait until new new gpus come but what about Q9550
  5. ^Too expensive for now. Wait until pricedrops in July or get Q9450 for around $300.
  6. is Q9450 oc'ble like dual core better 4r gaming than quad.
  7. Quote:
    s775 will be around for years. What I meant is Intel wont be producing them soon. Nehalem wont be s775.
    What I meant was : 45nm Intel Core 2 chips will be in production well into 2009.
    It's been 2 years since socket AM2 "killed" s939. You can still buy chips for it at silly prices. :)

    You can count on Nehalem to reach mainstream about Q4 2009. That's eons away in computer timescale.
  8. @sabelbuff
    Q9450 reaches 3.6-3.8GHz with a little effort and good cooling.
    Q6600 reaches 4.0GHz with a bit less effort and better cooling if you are lucky.
    Neither do that on SLI capable chipsets unless you really know what you are doing and get lucky.

    In current games dualcore is better. Age of Conan, Supreme Commander, Lost planet and games yet to come will be better at using a quadcore and thus a quadcore is better for the future.
  9. will it be right to go 4r ddr3 and 780i mobo.
  10. 780i uses DDR2
    790i uses DDR3
  11. well what you say about having Q9450, 790i mobo, 2 GB ddr3, and gtx 280/260(to choose aft price is declared).
  12. I'd say good but Q9450, 780i, 8GB DDR2 800MHz and the graphics would work faster under Vista 64bit. :)
  13. is vista better than xp.i have the either way
  14. is vista better than xp.i have heard the either way
  15. It's not about being better. XP is the old stable but dated system.
    Vista is the new, eyecandy rich, a bit buggy system but it's the future.
    Even more so for games. Performancewise XP is still king.
  16. Your post for a system around $2000 caught my eye. I just ordered my parts for my first build and thats what I ended up spending, at least for now. I probably should have asked around for some opinions but instead just read alot of articles and reviews of products at I'll have to let you know how it goes when I complete the build. I started with an Antec P182 case, DFI LP LT X48-T2R Inter mobo, PC Power & Cooling S75QB 750W power supply,Q9300 cpu, EVGA 512-P3-N801 8800GT 512mb video card, Corsair XMS@ DHX 4GB DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 WD 150GB Raptor 10000 RPM and a WD 750GB SATA hdd's. 2 Samsung SH203-N DVD burners and a Samsung 22" 22ms DVI LCD monitor. MS Vista Ultimate SP1 64 -bit OS. Total $2010, all from Newegg. I couldn't handle buying one part here and one there.
  17. is it better to have raptor drive in dual confg with 750 GB hard drive or to have two 500GB drives.i need a bit large space.please suggest,thanks to those who had helped
  18. 2x150GB Raptor RAID0 Boot drive (~$340)
    This doesn't really fit into your budget, since you plan to have a gaming machine but you can try and see how much money remains for graphics.

    2x500GB RAID1 backupdrive (size 500GB, redundant) ($180)
    2x640GB RAID1 backupdrive (size 640GB, redundant) ($200)
    2x750GB RAID1 backupdrive (size 750GB, redundant) ($260)
    Only you know how much space you need but if your data is important go with a redundant backupdrive.

    EDIT a quick sum:
    Option 1: Q9450: $360, 790i $310, 2GB DDR3 $150 : ~$820
    Option 2: Q9450: $360, 780i $240, 4GB DDR2 $120 : ~$720
    Option 3: harddrives ~$540 (2x150GB + 2x640GB)
    Option 4: harddrives ~$430 (1x150GB + 2x750GB)
    Option 5: harddrives ~$200 (2x640GB, no RAID)
    PSU (750W or above): ~$130 (Corsair, PC Power & Cooling are my top picks)
    CASE (Cooler Master): RC-690 ~$110 with shipping

    Total without graphic cards:
    Option 1 + 3 : ~$1600 leaving ~$400 for graphics (maybe for 1x GTX 280)
    Option 2 + 3 : ~$1500 leaving ~$500 for graphics (good for 2x 8800GTS)
    Option 1 + 4 : ~$1500
    Option 2 + 4 : ~$1400
    Option 1 + 5 : ~$1250
    Option 2 + 5 : ~$1150
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