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Hey all,

I'm about to re-format my hard disk on my win XP home built system with the Maximus Formula mb. My question is, after the format, and windows comes up, should I install the motherboard drivers before any extra devices or does it even matter which order I install ? Should I use the cd that came with the motherboard and update those from the ASUS site, or do i need search for each one of the mb drivers on ASUS's website ? Am I overthinking it? heh..Also, Is there a driver bundle package for certain motherboards with all the needed drivers?

I just don't want to pick the wrong drivers, or miss any.

Thanks again!
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    The order I use is:
    Go online with another computer and download current motherboard chipset drivers, latest video drivers, latest firewall and anti-virus.

    Install OS.
    Install chipset drivers. You can use the CD that comes with the motherboard.
    Install video drivers.
    Install firewall and antivirus software.

    Then, and only then, go online and download all the updates.

    Practice safe computing. Do not go online without installed firewall and antivirus software.
  2. That's pretty similar to what I do - load it all onto a flash drive and then follow the order that jsc uses:

    OS, motherboard drivers (especially NIC etc), video, then firewall/av
  3. I was to lazy to all that I just used ubuntu & let it do it for me , but linux isn't for everyone , but one thing about it , no anti virus, & it does it's own firewall , way cool
  4. Linux is fine. I was impressed by it finding my drives for me as well. I use it in a VM for practice now.
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