Should i Lap my q6600 and stock heat sink??

hi.. i've got a Q6600 CPU with a stock Heat Sink and after i saw some pretty amazing lapping videos i was wondering if it would worth the trouble or should i just buy a new Heat Sink?
and if i was to lap my CPU and heat sink... would i still need thermal paste applied??
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  1. I like lapping my cpu and cooler. Its easy to do but get a new cooler as well. With only lapping you'll see a couple degrees of difference. You always need thermal paste.
  2. thanks for the info mate... i was thinking to buy a Thermalright Ultima-90 cause it's not that heavy and would not stress the mobo's circuits and seems pretty good even without a fan... found this review here:

    what do you think??
  3. You definitely need thermal paste when you reseat the heatsink at all times. Make sure to clean off the old thermal paste. I would get the Xigametek s1283 or Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme for a heatsink. The Xigametek is cheaper.
  4. You first need to determine if you need to. Stock Intel HSF's have a pretty good finish on the bottom. (You would probably make the surface worse trying to hand lap it.) So did my ACF7P. My TRUE , on the other hand, had a slight, off center bulge on the base.

    Intel CPU IHS's range from slightly concave on top to pretty flat. CPU's are surprisingly static resistant, but they can be destroyed by careless handling.

    A razor blade works well for checking flatness.

    In general, HSF selection and case airflow are going to have a greater effect on core temps than anything else that you do. And if you are really concerned, let the stock vcore determine the OC limit.

    If you decide to get the Xigmatek, spend the exrta $6 or $7 for the baseplate kit.
  5. i dont trust Xigmatek... many reasons here which regard the architecture and the push-pin system mainly...
    the thermalright 120 ultra is too expensive and plus it needs a fan that adds to the total cost...

    i found something cool: ZEROtherm BTF92 OC Edition or the Cooler ZEROtherm FZ120... and there are amlost the same price as the Thermalright Ultima-90... which one should i pick??
  6. the bigger one is better of course. the Ultima-90 is not that bad as well.personal taste?
  7. Wouldn't recommending lapping, as there was a thread create after i reply how someone couldn't get their q6600 to boot after lapping.
  8. I wouldn't recommend it either... the risk vs. reward is just too great. Stick with what works; if it's not broke, don't fix it.
  9. about the ultima 90... i was impressed by the review that i've posted above... i mean if it can cool my q6600's cores to 39C in Load than it's pretty impressive for me... with the stock i get this:

    and also the price seems good and in the package you get plenty of thermal paste which is a plus... a minus would be the non flat surface of the HS base... and that would be a plus for the ZEROtherm... or maybe i could buy the Thermalright HR-01 Plus which is only about 5$ more expensive than the Ultima90...
    about the lapping... i won't risk it... better save than sorry, right?
  10. so no help on this one ppl??
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