I need advice on a VERY basic graphics card and a tv tuner card?

I'm planning to use my computer and monitor to watch tv. I don't game at all so basically all I need the GPU to do is power a 24" monitor and have a DVI output. The TV tuner card I'd like HD capability and a remote.

Here's what I have:
HP a1750e desktop with AMD 3800+ dual core
2 GB ram
Vista Home Premium
1 PCI-e x16 slot and 1 pci slot available...
I currently have no GPU or tv tuner

The monitor is a 24" LCD with DVI inputs

What GPU and TV tuner would you recommend? I need basic, so I'm looking to keep it inexpensive.
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  1. i suggest you get a 2600xt thats not too expencive and i dont know any thing about tv tuners but ati makes some good ones
  2. Yeah I just bought a 2600xt but I don't play any tv or HD dvds. I did read the reviews on them and everyone said they were awsome for that very purpose.

    They're also only about $60-70. Here's a link to one:

    About the tv tuners, all i can tell you is to shop Newegg for some. They have some good stuff.
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