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Does anyone know of a good wireless USB network adapter which will definately work with XP Pro 64? It has to be a USB adapter because my 2 GTs are taking up all the space on my motherboard. The only solution to that would be to remove my sound card but I really don't want to do that.

I have a Voyager 1055 adapter which works fine in XP Home but not in Pro; I can't find 64-bit drviers anywhere.

Any advice would be really appreciated so I can get my new PC on the internet
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  1. Asus wl-167g. Works great on vista64;
    For XP64 you can install the drivers from here:

    (Ralink site, the chipset manufacturer)
  2. 1). does it have to USB, i recommend a PCI solution over USB for somehting like this. and if laptop a PCIMIA card. i really have USB apadpter becasue often they require some daft driver which bypass the windows serach for network facility.

    2). if this is a deskbound PC i would also reccomend that you dont use wireless full stop, ethernet has been around for a long time and is tried and test, it is easily the fastest connection and cat5e cable is dirt cheap, i even make my own.

    although if you must ignor my advice get a 'trusted' compies products, like:
    Belkin USB reciever
    Belkin PCI reciever

    although dlink and linksys will proberly work fine too, just i havenet used them, i had the the unforchant 'pleasure' of using a netgear reciever but the driver just dont get updated of 'new' operating systems.

    hope this helps.
  3. whats benefit of pci over usb adapter?
  4. The fact that if it is a gaming PC you will not get lag with online games that max out your CPU.

    USB requires cpu resources so you tend to experiance lag a lot more.
  5. Thanks a bunch for that Tornado! Life saver. I've ordered it and it should be here tomorrow; I'll let you know if it works - hopefully from my new computer!

    Like I said, I don't want to remove my sound card, and the only other available PCI slot os covered by my graphics card. I've used a USB dongle for months now only my (now old) compute and I've had high speeds and very little lag, so hopefully this will do the tick too :) Many thanks!
  6. Adding on to this topic....does anyone know an adapter that will work 100% certainty, with VISTA 64 Bit ? I don't care if it is USB or PCI, expensive or cheap. Does anyone have one working w/ vista 64 bit ? tHANKS
  7. Tornadoro, thanks so much for posting that link the Ralink Drivers. I got the USB adapter today and ASUS's drivers were useless (CD, from their site, none of them worked). The Ralink software you linked to worked first time flawlessly. I would never have known to go to that site so many thanks for making my life much easier!
  8. I just installed a Linksys Wireless-G PCI adapter (WMP54G) on my new vista 64 bit desktop. It says on the box "certified for windows vista". So I thought I was good. I install it, Install the CD drivers, and the internet works, but very slowly, and sometimes It cuts out. Now I have 2 other computers running off the same wirless network at the same location and they run great on this network.

    So I look at the paper manual that came in the box and it says " Attention Microsoft Windows Vista users only: Do not run the setup wizard cd rom for your linksys"....great... So it says to goto www.linksys.com/vistasupport to download the proper drivers.

    So I goto that website, and there are NO windows vista 64 bit drivers for ANY linksys wireless adapters. It says the release date for Vista 64 drivers is too be determined, for all of them. awesome.

    Anyone know a way to get this working, or a wireless network adapter that DOES work with windows vista 64bit (for sure) ?
  9. @tablepost998

    Anything with a intel chipset will work. Pretty flawlessly btw.
    But WIFI for gaming ? even N1 or draft N will bugger a bit compared to good old 100Mbits connection.
    My 2 cents ofc.
  10. Linksys WUSB600N, tech support assured me this is compatible with Vista or XP Pro 64 bit.
  11. Hi, i just installed 64-bit vista, it seems my wireless nic is set to 802.11b for some reason and not 802.11g, can someone give some advice on how to change this? I have a trendnet tew-443pi 108mbps nic.
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