What should i do !?@?!?@#?@!@

Hello everyone
ok about a month ago i built a new pc my ,my current pc , so its specs are

CPU: Q9300 which is Quad core @ 2.5 Ghz (not over clocked at all)
GPU: 2x Radeon HD 3870
RAM: 4x corsair 1.0 GB
MoBo: ASUS P5E3 Premium
: I also have an Ageia PhysX card
Optical Drive: i have dual asus dvd-r dvd-rw cd-r cd-rw drives dont really no the name of them sry
HDD: 2x Barracuda ES.2 250 GB interface for them is raid 3 gb (but its not set up as a raid just normal so i have 500 gb's of space
PPU: Enermax Galaxy DxX 1000w

i think thats everything , ok so i started out with vista 64 bit which turned out to have a crap load of problems ok so the first main problem i had was in vista 64 bit , ok with my dual 3870's which should rock weren't really getting that good of fps so and it had crossfire enabled in ccc so i did some looking around and reallized that in device manager it said it detected both of them so then i checked in catalyst control center and it said crossfire enabled BUT under display devices it only had ONE 3870 so what i did is i turned off my pc and unplugged the second one and started it up and everything was exacltly the same except in device manager it had only one 3870 so i turned it of and switched graphics cards to c if the other one worked and exact same so basiccally they both work standalone but not in crossfire so i downloaded a program called GPUZ and opened it and under crossfire it said Enabled (not sure in Vista) so i decided vista was my problem so when i first install my computer i figured i would install xp some time so i already had an xp partition made so i put in the xp setup disk and restarted my pc and accidiently deleted my vista partition !@#@!#@@?!#?@!#3 man can i be stupid sometimes so i went ahead and installed xp and i havent reinstalled vista yet and in xp pro i install everything and heres what it is : in device manager it it says i have two 3870's in display manager it says i can have up to 4 displays and in ccc it says crossfire enabled but it still says only one 3870 under display devices so i looked the problem up on the internet and i found a fix : to uninstall CCC and intall omega drivers and ATT (ati tray tools) so i did that and enabled crossfire but i dont think that worked so i was gunna test it with 3dmark06 and i installed it and tried to start it up and it gets stuck at start and never starts !!!! so i have no way to test it ; ; so anyways thats my current situation so i was thinking about either getting a new pc or fixing this and ive thried everything i got so can any of you help me please !!
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