Should I reapply the thermal compound?

I've just bought a new system which had the processor and cpu cooler installed in the shop.
Unfortunately they did a poor job in attaching the cooler, so when I gave it a small push when installing the other components it came lose.

I have a artic cooling freezer pro 64, which has preapplied thermal compound. The components have never been powered up so far. Should I reapply the thermal compound, or is it still save to just remount the cpu cooler and get on with it?
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  1. If you have some good TIM around, I would definitely clean off the HS and CPU with alcohol and remount with fresh TIM.
  2. If the system has never been powered up then you won't 'need' to reapply the TIM, but as RJR said, if you've got any good TIM around then it's worth doing.
  3. Thanks for the fast replies!
    I don't have any thermal compound lying around, so I guess I'll just remount the heatsink.

    I wanted to make sure I was not going to blow my cpu on day one.
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