Built new system and need advice please ?

Hi everyone ! I'm new at this so please bear with me ?

I spend a lot of time in a wheelchair, and being home from my latest surgery, I wanted to build another computer. I bought the parts as I could afford them, and now I'm finished and having some issues. Here's what I have:

Asus M3A motherboard
Phenom 9600 Black (don't spank me- I fell for the hype and now I'm stuck)
4 gig of 800 ram
2X 500 gig sata hdd running raid 0
Sony DVD burner & FDD
Nvidia GEforce PNY-7600GS/512mb PCIe card
Vista 64-bit O/S
700w p/s

I have downloaded all the latest/greatest 64 bit dirivers from the mfgs, and have been doing a clean install each time. The Asus board lets you run it aggressively, which I have done, but nothing crazy yet, very mild. I finish all the updates from Microsoft (54 I think) and even Service Pack 1. Then, after a couple of days of light use, it will just crash and won't restart from sleep mode or just regular screensaver mode. The system won't even let me repair itself using the Vista disc Repair Console.
This has happened about 10 times now, and I can re-install with my eyes closed !

Contacted Microsoft, and they blame third party apps, as always !

I saw one forum that said that only ATI video cards should be used on Asus boards, NOT Geforce, and that was the problem. Does anyone here know this for sure ? Another blames the 64-Bit Vista for everything. Could this be true also ? I ran a system scanner from a third party, and it immediately said my video wasn't compatable, but PNY's website says it is. I don't have the extra $ right now, but want to get an ATI 3870 later. Would that be a good choice ?

I don't know what else to try. Have installed the drivers, updates and service pack 1 in different orders each time, but it doesn't matter. I never get further than about 3 days before crash and burn.

Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated from you all...

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  1. Nothing jumps right out and says "this is the problem" to me. Nothing wrong with a Phenom 9600 system. Lots of people still prefer AMD.
    The fact that you get 3 days of service after an install tells me it's probably not hardware related.
    Have you tried installing Vista to a single HDD yet?
    Any chance you can borrow a copy of WinXP 32bit or Vista32 to use for testing?
    Changing out video cards (borrowing a more recent ATI model) would be something I'd suggest (use Driver Cleaner to get rid of the Nvidia drivers)
    Worst case scenario is that you could order a video card from NewEgg (Asus HD3450 $35 with "standard return policy" for example) for testing. You'd pay the 15% restocking fee ($5.25) and shipping charges (~$15 both ways). For $20 you'd know for certain if it was a video issue with the 7600GS and also know (hopefully) that a HD 3870 upgrade would work well for you.

    You can look over the VGA Charts at Guru3D and THG's own charts to get a feel how the HD 3870 would work for you.
  2. Thanks WR2 ! I'll try that when I can . In the meantime, I saw another post that said that the Asus boards tend to favor the ATI stuff because they want you to use their own, and keep your $ in the same pocket ! LOL
  3. Just curious, what ram are you using?
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