*Update* Need help on my goal to get to 3Ghz

First and foremost are relevant system stats
Athlon x2 2.7Ghz Kuma 7750 BE
Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3
8gb Kingston hyperX 1066
Antec Smart Power 500w
Vista Ultimate 64bit

testing with
AOD - System stats, Benchmarking
Prime95 - Small FFt
Vista memory diagnosic tool - RAM testing
Easy Tuner 6 - Temp and system stats

All changes made in bios

Thank you ahead of time for reading this and helping me any way you can, knowledge is priceless.

Ok, here goes I put this system together a few weeks back and was originally going to get a 3ghz processor, because of the price and because I plan on upgrading later this year to a Phenom II 3ghz I ended up getting the Kuma, so far it is great, but that doesnt mean I dont want to squeeze some more juice out of it.

I would like to get it to a stable 3ghz, which I know most of you are saying "just turn up the multiplier noob!", I did that, It was going great all the way through 2.9ghz(14.5x), got to 3ghz(15x) and Prime crashed the moment I turned it on, I bumped the voltage up from 1.325 to 1.34 and tried again, this time I got about 3min into prime before another blue screen made my acquaintance. At that point I stopped, I have read guide after guide however sometimes raw data just doesn't serve as well as some data specifically tailored to fit your situation. At this point I am not sure what to do, I think based on what I have read that I should bump the voltage up one more notch however if I had any faith in what I think I wouldnt be typing a really long post at 2am. I have attached my record keeping from today's attempts so you can see what changed and what didnt. I am worried that I should be changing memory voltage and timing or something to coincide with the changes to the multiplier. I know when I have reached the edge of my own knowledge that time is now.

Thank you ahead of time to anyone that reads through my data sheet and takes the time to hand out some knowledge.


*Note* system did not overheat, last recorded temp before crash was around 43c
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  1. in this post you will find some links concerning overclocking that processor
  2. Hmmm none of them say anything about changing anything but multiplier and voltage and nobody seems to be having a problem at such a low multiplier where they would need an extraordinary amount of voltage over stock. Hmm I just dont know...
  3. Alright so looking into the bios this board automatically sets ram to 800, I am using kingston hyperx so I had manually changed the frequency to 533 to run 1066 however I through neglect, ignorance or stupidity forgot to adjust the voltage of the ram to 2.2 and set the timings for 5-5-5-15, I am thinking this could have caused my issues, gonna bump it back up and see what happens now that this has been corrected.
  4. It took 1.425vcore for my 7750 to hit 3.2ghz

    1.35vcore sounds alright for 3.0ghz

    If you plan on buying a new cpu shoot it up to 1.5vcore and see how high it goes while being stable
  5. Unfortunately not buying a new processor at least for another couple months so I have to be careful still.

    After ram timings 3ghz (15x) stock 1.325 voltage ran for about 5min in prime before going to blue screen and restarting, bumped up to 1.35 and and got about 10min before blue screen, bumped to 1.375 and couldnt even get through the startup programs before blue screen. I now pulled it back to 14.5x and am running stable now. Not sure why there is such a hump at 3ghz for me.
  6. Try 2.1-2.2v on the RAM (btw, your RAM is probably 2v stock, not 1.9v). When you have 4*2GB DIMMs you usually need a voltage increase. Also loosen timing to 5-5-5-15. Also try running it at 1:1.

    Is this your RAM?:
  7. Per the Kingston website's stat sheet it will start out at DDR 800 1.8v and you can manually bump it to 2.2 if running 1066. Yesterday I fixed the RAM timings to 5-5-5-15 at the same time I upped the voltage to 2.1 as it was the closest I could get to 2.2 without going over. It help stability some and I was able to do the prime95 blended test which I wasnt able to do before but it hasnt changed the OC any, still ducking out on a 15x multiplier.

    From what I am seeing around the voltage needs to go up... a lot to get over the 3ghz hump on certain batches of these kuma core's. Right now I am sitting comfortably at 2.9ghz and while I really would like to go higher I am not certain if I want to dump 1.45v into this processor just yet.

    I havent a clue what 1:1 means, although now I am curious to find out....

    *Edit* Yes that is my RAM, so far I have been very happy with it.
  8. Did you guys read the reviews for this RAM on Newegg?? Most people state that this RAM is Default 800MHZ and not 1066MHZ. Maybe your problem is that the RAM is whats causing your instability trying to run it at 1066MHZ. You should try a real stick of 1066MHZ and see how far you get.
  9. ricman said:
    Did you guys read the reviews for this RAM on Newegg?? Most people state that this RAM is Default 800MHZ and not 1066MHZ. Maybe your problem is that the RAM is whats causing your instability trying to run it at 1066MHZ. You should try a real stick of 1066MHZ and see how far you get.

    There is no default standard for DDR2 1066 - All of it is DDR2800 that's guaranteed by the manufacturer to overclock to 1066. The problem here is people reading the reviews at Newegg and actually taking them seriously.
  10. thelastpriest: I have the same board and cpu and everything I’ve read indicates you won’t be able to run reliably at 1066 with 4 sticks.
    Try taking 2 sticks out and see what happens.
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