A couple of questions RE: case, PSU

Okay, so I'm building a new system with two HD 4870s in crossfire, which means I need a case that has good airflow (the cards run hot) and can hold a PSU that can handle two of these cards (they are relative power hogs).

So, my questions are this:

1) Is anyone running two HD 4870s in crossfire that has found a power supply that runs well? Perhaps an Enermax or OCZ?

2) What's a good case with plenty of air flow that can hold a good sized PSU? I was considering Antect P182 but I've seen reviews that larger PSUs don't fit well. I am also considering Antec twelvehundred -- does anyone have any experience with this case? How easy is it to remove or turn off the LEDs? I like to use the computer in a dark room and find the blue lights distracting.

Also, anyone using the Coolermaster Stacker 810? I don't think I would use the PSU that comes in it. I assume it can be swapped out. Is the space flexible enough for a variety of PSUs?

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  1. Thinking about it, I would really rather go with the Antec 900 than the 1200 since I don't really need all of the room in the 1200 (as long as a big PSU will fit in the 900)
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