Intel E8400 OC

I wanna to ask how to overclock e8400? Im new here. And what safe limit of oc is on this pc:
cpu-intel e8400 3ghz(stock cooler)
gpu-asus eah 4850 512mb
motherboard-asus p5kc
ram-corsair 2x2gb ddr2 800mhz
os-vista x64 home premium
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  1. Plz help my
  2. This guide: and common sense is pretty much all you need.
  3. Omg why it is so dificult
  4. I cant understand why my fan became very loud after this
  5. I done 3,6 ghz with 1.152 core voltage is this ok?
  6. Your voltage is within E8400 ther... I mean VID voltage range. What temperature?

    Temperature guide:
  7. Oops blue creen. Now testing with 1.2500v but cpu-z saing that core voltage is 1.76 wtf?
  8. Now temp ir 60c at prime 95 strogn fft test
  9. Seriously the guide and get to know your processor. All the information is here for your help, but we don't have the time to OC every single person's processor individually.

    I am sure if you read the guide, look up your processor specs to make sure of OK ranges, you should be just fine.

    Good luck.
  10. I know sry. It is not as hard as i think :)
  11. Last question. Did i have to do memory stability test if i havent touch any ram configurations?
  12. only if your over clocking ure ram or using lower timings.
  13. Im not a lucky guy :D ive done oc ok but after the night mine f**king seagate 7200.11 750gt not updated( i that day want to update fw) locked (broked cause old firmware) :D
  14. lol i have stayed well clear of seagate since there firmware woes
  15. Update fix everything?
  16. yea it does but why ship a drive with dud firmware, just shows how little testing they do on them.
  17. When it was alive it grind very loud is it normal?
  18. No grinding is not normal. Get a WD6401AALS, it's a good fast drive.
  19. I havent got money for i will use the same hdd when seagate fix it or something
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