New comp build..need advice on SLI or NO

Hey Gang,

Really need some advice here. Been going back and forth on this build for over a month now and just can't make up my mind. I have a budget of $2500 (which includes a 24" LCD monitor, KB, and speakers). One of my main indecisions is wether to go SLI or not. I want to be able to have max res or close to it @ 1900x1200 with my monitor. If I can save a few bucks great, if not well that is why there is a budget! hehe

Here is what I got so far:

Hopefully you all can see that list and tell me what ya think!
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  1. Nope can't see it.
  2. I cannot see your list. You may want to adjust it.

    It really does not matter though because I will provide my opinion. If I were you I would go with an X38 or an X48 motherboard and go with crossfire instead. From what I have heard crossfire scales better than SLI so you will be getting your moneys worth more with crossfire.

    I would also wait for the new ATI graphics cards to come out. The value will be even better. Nvidia boards are just not stable enough in my opinion. With all the data corruption you hear about involving the 7xx series I would not bother. As an owner of a 680i chipset I can also testify that I have dealt with data corruption as well. Nvidia chips just aren't reliable.

    Good luck

  3. William, not really too sure what Crossfire is and how to set that up? Care to explain more?

    Also I know the new boards are coming out in June, but I really need to get this new rig going. The puter I am on now is about ready to crap on me, dunno how much time I have left lol
  4. Crossfire is ATI's answer to SLI.

    That link provides a little info on how both SLI and Crossfire work. Granted it is a little dated, however you will get the idea. Pay special attention to the "performance" section. It shows that Crossfire outperforms SLI.

    Since you are in a hurry I would either buy a really cheap card and simply store it when the new cards come out in June, or buy a really high end ATI card and crossfire it after the new ones come out and the prices on the previous generation drop. I am not sure which solution fits your situation best. That is up to you.
  5. Oh and crossfire is what is available on every board not made by Nvidia. Any P35, X38, X48 chipset. I would consider the last two chipsets the most. P35 is a bit dated.

    Here are some boards to look at:

    X38 DDR2:

    X38 DDR3:
    (I would not bother with an X38/DDR3 combo. If you want DDR3 then definitely buy X48)

    X48 DDR2:

    X48 DDR3:
  6. One final thing. I was looking at your list and I have some suggestions.


    I am a Mushkin fan after using OCZ. My suggestion costs a couple extra bucks, but in the end I think the Mushkin would OC better.


    Quad core is the future. In time software is going to utilize 4 cores and then your dual core will become obsolete. Furthermore you can overclock that Q9450 really high with the X38/48 chipset.

    Also DON'T BUY THE Q9450 FROM NEWEGG. They are really overcharging compared to other sites.


    From what I have heard OEM versions do not take kindly to hardware updates. They tend to stop working because Microsoft does not expect people to update their hardware in their Dell's. I could be wrong with this and I am sure someone can correct me.


    Runs cooler and it cheaper. Any questions?

    Good luck,

  7. Motherboard good, Ram Good, HD good, DVD good.

    PSU I would look at this because it’s modular and you need more power.

    The case you might consider is this one for the room and cooling I have two of them and love em.

    Graphics card take a look at this it will drive 24” easily.

    LCD display this one is just plain better.

    OS this is all you need.

    SLI works just fine and there is no data corruption with that 780I board, some 790i boards had a problem with it but that’s being fix just like it would be for ATI. The 9450 is a good cpu for the price at the
  8. i would splerge a little and get like a 9800GX2 and just sit tight for a while. you wont need to sli with the 9800gx2 for a good long while.
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