Lost 30gb of memory in a week on brand new laptop

Bought a brand new laptop,it has 250 gb memory,started it up and its 190 gb(fair enough)install some games and download tv/movie but only about 25gb worth but now its saying I'm down to 135 gb memory..it just seems to shrink each day and no way have I downloaded over 10 gb in 2 days,installed u-torrent and noticed the shows go to c-drive and not a folder as on last laptop,could that be why?
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  1. Places to lock

    temp files, swap file, recovery points, hibernation enabled
  2. 1) Make sure that you empty your recycle bin.

    2) Check to see if you have space tied up in "Restore Points" created by the VSS (Volume Shadow Service). See: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/windows-vista-solutions,review-1179-2.html
  3. That seems to cover it, and FYI: It's hard drive space, memory is a totally different thing.
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