New System and I Need Some Advice

Hello :).

I'm about to invest in a new comp from CyberPowerInc. since I hear that they are a decent custom system builder. I'm going to get this system:

600 watt PS
AMD Phenom X4 9500 Quad-Core
Asus M2N SLI nForce 560 Mobo
3 gig RAM
8800GT 512MB
500 gig HDD
Running XP
19' in monitor

I was wondering if I would be able to play a game like Oblivion or World in Conflict with all settings on max. I've had a crappy system for years and for once I want to be able to play a game at its best and not set for low settings. Do you all think I can?

Also: I am still deciding on a decent monitor and was wondering if oblivion will be in HD on a monitor like this:

or how does that work?

Last One: Will most monitors like this be compatible with most comps? Do they all have one specification? Or are there different types that will work with certain setups?

Sorry I'm new to the pc gaming community :D

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  1. That system would be fine for almost any game these days. Crysis may struggle but that game struggles on anything. I personally would not buy an AMD system right now but thats a personal choice.

    So generally yes you will be able to comfortably play most games with max settings smoothly.

    As for the monitor, the one you have linked to I have never heard of the brand, but its native resolution is 1440x900.

    HD is a silly term to use with PC games because technically they have been well over some HD resolutions for years. 720p is the lower of the HD formats and is 1280x720, your monitor has a native resolution of 1440x900 pixels.
  2. Sorry I didn't answer your last question.

    Any computer monitor will work with your pc. Just make sure to choose one that has been well reviewed from a reputable brand with a good warranty policy. At least 1 DVI input would be good too.

    I'm sure some people here could recommend some good ones.
  3. k thanks a lot man :)

    I was wondering one more thing,when i do get a monitor with a dvi input, that would attach to the computer at the dvi input on the graphics card right?

    Are intel systems better these days? I naturally went with AMD but if you think that intel might be better ill look into it! so is intel better?

    Thanks ;)
  4. GreatGreatWelcomSign said:

    Are intel systems better these days? I naturally went with AMD ...

    Why "naturally"? A few years back, AMD, in terms of performance, pretty much ruled the desktop. Currently, however, for sheer performance and overclockability, you cannot beat Intel systems.
  5. While this review is from 2006, it still raises a few issues which you might want to consider carefully.

    The Bottom Line – 7.0/10

    A score of 7 is considered “substandard,” and that’s exactly what we felt about this computer. We felt this computer was more than disappointing. Things went wrong in many different ways. We’ve evaluated computers that have scored in this range before, and they typically were good quality computers with one large and glaring exception that severely overwhelmed the rest of the computer’s ability to get stuff done. That’s not the case here. This is not a good computer with a terrible flaw – this is a below average computer across the board.

    Dealing with a large, single, known issue is often better than dealing with multiple minor issues because one can prepare for the eventuality of having to deal with the problem, find ways to work around it, or even fix it and be done with it.

    This is doubly true if you’re recommending a computer for a non-tech-savvy friend or family member. One phone call or visit home for a major issue is significantly less annoying than multiple calls with trivial – and easily preventable – issues. If I had bought this computer for my parents, I would have felt like tearing my hair out.

    For this reason, we cannot recommend the CyberPower system for friends and family and advise any computer user to know exactly what they are getting into before they order a CyberPower system.

    Full Review:

    Let's see here.. Looks like your system is around $1700.

    Look at Maingear. Around the same price, but excellent quality.
  6. @OP: Why not jump on the DIY train? :). You can easily build that PC for ~$800 if you DIY.
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