Hard Disk problem!!

I have 2 to hard disk, first Hard disk Maxtor 250 gb SATA and second hard disk Western digital 250 gb SATA.

Windows already installed on my second hard disk (WD)was working very quickly ...And when I wanted copy file system Hang and low speed for working until the end of copying files

I Install new windows on my first hard disk (Maxtor) and it's very good for working but when i trying for copy file to second hard disk (WD) i have this problem again!

I Install HD-Tune 2.55 for test my second hard disk but after install and run this program my system restarted!

I try for more time for HD-Tune run but same problem!

I try for CHKDSK for all drive my second hard disk(WD) just have probelm with 1 drive:

Deleting an index entry from index $O of file 25
Index verification completed.
Errors found. CHKDSK cannot countinue in read-only mode.  

Also i try for install and then run HDD Regenerator and restart my computer and run with boot CD and then scan started by this program... just i have 1 report D (delay detect) and no more!

My hard disk havn't Bad sector but it's very slow when i want copy file or when i install a progarm on one of drive second hard disk!

What's problem ? please help me
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  1. Have CHKDSK fix the problems at next bootup.
    Run manufacturer hard disk diagnostics and speedfan.
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