Safe temprature for intel core 2 quad q6600

I have overclopcked my processor (q6600) to 3 ghz and the temprature of the processor is 50-60 where as the core tempratures vary from 30-40 each (all th four i mean)
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  1. Your core temps are fine but your CP temp is a little high,these are idle temps right ?
    What is the application that u are testing your temps ?
  2. Core temps shouldn't exceed ~70-75C at absolute max load (Prime95). Idle temps are somewhat irrelevant.
  3. Tjunc temps (i.e. the processor core temperatures) shouldn't go over 100°C according to Intel. Tcase temps (i.e. the temp measured in between the cores) is as cjl said (70°C - 75°C)
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