Some kinda "screen bug"

Could anyone say how to fix this ?
Windows reinstall doesn't help at all.. Friend said that my 8800gts (640mb) video card died.. but i dont want to believe in him..
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  1. First, try another monitor. If it works your video card is good and your monitor is bad. If it doesn't work, try another video card. etc.
  2. Do you notice the pixelation in the BIOS?

    How about in safe mode?

    Try unplugging your video card, and re-seating it.

    I hate to say it, but I think your friend is right.
  3. +1 ^ this happens when video cards have issues, usually when you push an overclock a bit too high. Sometimes it goes back to normal when the card is set to normal speeds, sometimes not. This can also happen when not overclocking, can just go bad. Any extra heat can cause this as well, not just overclocking. Fan went out for a while, things like that.

    You may even see it normally in BIOS and safe mode, but when the video card starts using some advanced settings, the issue shows up.

    I third the fried card call. I have seen some 8800s on craigslist for 50-60, so won't be too bad to replace unless you want to upgrade now.
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