AMD 9850 X4 Black edition

Im having some trouble with it.I cant seem to overclock it past 3.1Ghz without a crash a few minutes after boot up.Then, even on 3.1Ghz, it will randomly crash.I tried one of those overclocking downloads, where it tests it for an hour, but it couldnt make it past 5 minutes at both 3.1Ghz and 3Ghz.What is the problem?
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  1. normally, the temps are between 30C and 44C, but during the tests they go as high as 70C, and thats when it crashes
  2. Do you get a bsod or does it shut off?
  3. It shuts off, I have it set to where it shuts off if a critical error occurs.I would get a BSOD if I changed the settings, those
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