aux fan - please help!

in speedfan 3.4 it says for my wolfdale duo oced to 3.6...

system 33c
cpu 34c
aux 119c
core0 42c
core1 42c

looking at the fan speeds, it says aux0 and aux1 fans are 0rpm

which is the aux fan?

as far as i can see everything is spinning fine (6 big fans + 3 little ram fans)

something must be 119c tho ??

thanks for your help !!
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  1. Disregard it, its probably a temp location with no temp diode attached
  2. Yeah....anything in the BIOS that shows 119? Try looking at a different (and I find more reliable) program like everest ultimate. I find it's very accurate.... or SIW which is free
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