Cannot see syswow64 folder in win xp 64-bit


i want to configure dsn on my 64bit win xp machine but i cannot see syswow64 folder in windows directory
can someone help me on this
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  1. You may need to open windows explorer, go to Tools on the menu bar, Folder Options, View, select Show hidden files and folders. Also UN-select:
    -- Hide extensions for known file types and
    -- Hide protected operating system files.
  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Sorry for puting the question in a wrong way. Actually the sceanario is as follows:

    I have laptop with processor I5, windows 7 64-bit OS. I have installed virtual machine win xp service pack 3 on it. Now I want to configure dsn on VM. but when I go to Administrative tools > Data sources(ODBC), it shows only SQL server driver under system DSN tab. whereas if check the same on normal xp machine it shows CR Oracle8 v3.6, SQL server, CR XML v3.6, Microsoft access driver etc. I still configured SQL server DSN successfully but when I run the application I am getting this error "Data source name not found and default driver not specified". Can you help me on this?
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