Asus p45 board zalman problem

So I'm currently in my first build and I'm having a problem installing my zalman 9700 heatsink into my asus p45 board. i was able to get 3 of the base screws in but not the fourth. I installed the rest of the heatsink and its on there pretty secure but I'm nervous about everything and I'm having a bit of a panic attack at work right now about it. I just dont want to screw anything up and ruin my board or something.
Does anyone have experience with this combination i think the Board is a p5q-e and its the zalman 9700LED.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. I dont see why you cant get the 4th screw into the plastic base. Did you attach the cooler to the plastic base first, then are trying to screw that into the backplate? If so thats not how it works, even then you shouldnt have a problem screwing all 4 screws it, the plastic base rises up preety high, and its not wide enough to collide with the mosfet or NB heat sinks.
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