Samsung 215TW 21" LCD Monitor

Apparently Samsung does not make the 215TW 21" LCD Monitor anymore, does anyone know which of their current displays are made with s-pva panels?

Thank you.
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  1. Research it.
  2. Thank you! I checked Samsung's website and it was not listed.
  3. No problem. I'm already starting to like it myself........didn't realize there was an S-PVA panel that cheap!
  4. That's because it is refurbished with only a 90 day warranty.
  5. jaguarskx said:
    That's because it is refurbished with only a 90 day warranty.

    True. :( Some people are willing to take risks to get what they want I guess :D.
  6. Actually if someone's still looking, the one at Tech for Less right now is Factory Refurbished. That carries a full 3-year Samsung Factory Warranty.

    I bought a Factory Refurb 215TW from Tech for Less about 2 years ago and have had an overall good experience. I absolutely love the monitor - wonderful picture and very versatile, all while being nicely understated. I do a whole lot of photo editing. But there were bumps in the road.

    When I opened the box originally received from Tech for Less, I set up the monitor and turned it on - nothing. A couple of hours later and I had nailed the problem down to a bad backlight, i.e. the backlight ballast was bad and the monitor had no image. Called Tech for Less and they said I had a Factory Warranty and should contact Samsung. I did. After some discussion to verify the bad backlight, Samsung shipped me a replacement factory refurb with a hold on my credit card. This replacement monitor was in good shape - maybe a little mark on the back of the bezel - and worked flawlessly. I shipped my faulty monitor back (postage paid by Samsung) and they released my CC hold. Absolutely no charge to me. Unfortunately about a year later, the backlight went out on my second monitor and I had to go through the whole replacement process again. This time my replacement had a noticeable scratch on the base, but otherwise good - no dead pixels or anything.

    So I can attest that you do get good support for a Samsung 3-year warranty with the Factory Refurbs from Tech for Less. I think Tech for Less knew that the backlight was out on my first monitor before shipping it to me, so that was shady. And I've heard others report backlight failure on the 215TW as well. When the monitor is working it is perfect and highly recommended. With the reliability issue, though, it's good that Samsung customer service is pretty decent. And they do honor the full 3-year warranty.

    Hope this helps somebody either now or in the future on a web search.

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