Overclocked q9550 - CPU-z - Alterating Clock Speed?


I overclocked my q9550 to 3.6gz and its nice and stable. However CPU-z shows the clock speed alterating between the 3.6gz and 2.2gz (i think but well below base) as i watch the window.

Is this normal, or have i got a setting wrong on my BIOS?

Motherboard is a Asus P5Q P45

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  1. A bit of a childish response, but i guess thanks for clarifying it.

    Its one thing reading about speedstep (or whatever its called on my MB bios) and another seeing it in action. We aren't all techno nerds and so get worried when we see things we don't expect.
  2. stevos, dude, how many times can the exact same question be asked over and over and over and over and over and over and over and +100 more time over. It's ridiculous.

    The forums have a search feature.
    The forums have sticky's.

    Putting that quick help link up on the home page is turning the forums into a circus.
  3. I did read the sticky and i did search, but unless you know the right term to use it bring nothing.

    Anyway, problem resolved time to move on.
  4. Something you have to understand is no everyone talks computer and lets face it the manual is hardly in 'plain english'. Yes i read it and i reread it last night, and still won't have spotted it if i wasn't looking for powersaving features. I guess i just posted on the wrong forums, i was hoping for help not insults.
  5. Don't worry about it.

    Next time just check the stickies at the top of each section.
  6. Hey guys, at least it wasn't the "C2D or C2Q" question.
  7. Yeah, come to think of it, which is best?

    65nm or 45nm, dual or quad?

    Oh yeah, the Phenom II. Wait, X4 or X3?

    No no no, it's the i7.

    Is that right? :lol:

    I'll take the EIST/C1E question any day. There are no fanboi posts to deal with. ;)

    Although they do get a little redundant.
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