I need help with Gaming PC

I want to buy new pc but i am not sure about few parts, and i need a little help. This is what i want to get:


CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 Yorkfield 2.66GHz

RAM: OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB)

HARD DRIVE: Western Digital Raptor X WD1500AHFD 150GB 10000 RPM SATA 1.5Gb/s

2nd HARD DRIVE: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB

GRAPHIC CARD: HIS Hightech H487F512P Radeon HD 4870 512MB




And some other few things that i forgot.
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  1. I don't like that Raidmax case because (a) it has some 80 mm fans and (b) you pay for a 500W PSU that you throw out. Get an RC-690 instead.

    Q9450 is a good choice, if you have the cash, especially if you're not going to overclock. If you do overclock, Q6600 or Q6700 are probably better bang for the buck, especially if you don't care about SSE4.

    Good RAM.

    Replace that old Raptor with a WD6400AAKS. It's just as fast, half the price, quieter, 4 times bigger. or look at the Velociraptor. Or both.

    The Seagate 500GB is OK, but if you get the WD6400AAKS you don't need the Seagate too - you can just make a partition for Windows to keep things clean. If you want two HDD drives make them both WD6400AAKS or both Seagate ST3500320AS - mixing is usually best avoided.

    Good PSU. $10 less buys you a Corsair 750TX, which is also very good. $10 more buys you a PC Power & Cooling 750W, which is the best 750W PSU according to Anandtech. Any of those will be fine.

    CPU Cooling:

    MB: GA-X48-DS4 (ideal for adding a new video card later for Crossfire). Any of those 750W PSUs supports this, the RC-690 does too, so you might as well get an X38 or X48 MB to keep the Crossfire option. Avoid P35, P43 and P45, unless you're absolutely sure you will never use two video cards.

    Burner: SH-S203N. (I usually recommend SH-S203B, but you're looking at expensive stuff like Q9450/HD 4870 rather than cheaper Q6600/HD 4850 so I'm recommending the SH-S203N. A few bucks more, it adds LightScribe. You decide if you care about it.)

    Fan controller - no idea. If you buy some quiet fans like SFF21E you can probably just let them work without a controller, that's what I did.
  2. Good info on the Raptor and RAID set up
    Good HSF review site.
    CPU cooler Xigmatek HDT-1283 gets good ratings for both quiet and cooling
    mounting bracket, cause push pin mounting sucks
    If you plan to Crossfire in the future, then a X38/X48 motherboard
    with no Crossfire then a P43/P45 or a P35 mobo
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131299 with limited Crossfire capability 8X-8X
  3. LCD fan controller: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=23953&zenid=bb152a9296e64cd1ffc3edbc45f379ff

    The Xigmatek 1283 is a great cooler just remember, INSTALL THE FAN AFTER YOU HAVE IT INSTALLED ON THE CPU! Otherwise it is almost impossible.
  4. Does that fan controller work with any motherboard and any fans? Just curious. I might want one too :)
  5. Seems to, my friend has some Antec Tricool fans hooked up to it.
  6. Ok, I have about $1550 and i think i can build good pc for that price. After i read all your comments i still have few questions.

    1. I changed my RAPTOR and OLD WD to 2x WD6400AAKS
    2. Changed My DVD Burner
    3. I will stay with RAIDMAX SMILODON
    4. Will this "Xigmatek HDT-1283" fit in " RAIDMAX SMILODON" ?
    4. Is this mobo good: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131244
    5. Why this CPU is bad for OC?
    6. Maybe water Cooling?
  7. That's a workstation MB. I'd get one of these two, they're the same price ($30 less than the P5E WS).
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128336 GA-X48-DS4
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131219 P5E X38

    Q9450 is not a bad choice for overclocking, I didn't mean that. It overclocks very well. I just meant that people who overclock should buy a Q6600 instead because it does almost as well when overclocked and it costs less. The difference between the Q6600 and the Q9450 becomes very small when both are overclocked and IMO the price difference is not justified in this case. People who don't overclock, on the other hand, see a big improvement from Q6600 to Q9450 and may find the price difference justified.

    Water cooling is a good idea only if you can afford to do it properly, and that costs $300 or more.

    I'm not 100% sure, but based on the Newegg reviews of the Smilodon I'd say the Xigmatek will not fit in it.
  8. So is there any other cooling, that is good and will fit in this case?
    And i was wandering if there is other mobo (From Asus) that will be great for this parts. (I dont like how this one looks) ;/


    I think its good, but its too expensive ;/

    Also why do i need DUAL internet PORT? (Some of the Mobod have it)
  9. Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro does fit. It's a bit tricky to install, but it works. If you're looking for a mild overclock this will do. If you want a big overclock you need a bigger case and a different cooler.

    P5E3 WS - nope, bad idea, it uses DDR3 and that will mean more expensive RAM for little benefit

    Dual internet port - could be handy if you want the PC to be a Web server or something. You don't need that just to surf and play games.
  10. Sorry to hijack the thread but i'm running into kind of the same problem. I'm still trying to decide on the cpu, i would want to buy a q9450 and oc it to 400 fsb (3.2ghz) but i heard some rumors that it runs very hot and has some fsb wall problems on most p45 mobos. Don't know if it's true or not, i just want a second opinion from you guys. Would 3.2ghz from q9450 be alot to ask for ? I realise it's 25% more but i'm kinda new to OC and stuff, and i don't want to kill my 300 bucks cpu in the 1st day :D. I already have the basics of OC'ing and i did some mild oc'ing in the past but i don't want to take any unecessary risks. The only reason i would want to oc it to 3.2ghz is to run 1:1 with my ram and have some better performance in games compared to the higher clocked E8xxx. Ty for your help and Hy to everyone, i'm new on this forum :D.
  11. If your MB supports 400fsb all right then a Q6600 can reach 3.6GHz, while a Q9450 reaches 3.2GHz. At those clocks, the Q6600 is in fact faster (Q9450 at 3.2 is close to Q6600 at 3.4 or 3.5). You might be better off with a Q6600.
    The exception is if you use SSE4 software for video, then the Q9450 wins big.

    Of course, a 65nm CPU at 3.6 will generate more heat than a 45nm CPU at 3.2, so make sure you've got a good cooler if you get the Q6600.
  12. OK, i just want to oc from 2,6 (Stock) to like mhhm 3.2 MAX. Maybe stock cooling will be enough?
  13. Good one about the Pentium 3 cooler :)

    Tell you what, that Raidmax Smilodon is not going to let you use any good cooler on the market. All the really good ones are big, it's a law of physics - bigger area means better heat dissipation.

    You could get this case:
    COOLER MASTER NV 690 NV-690C-KWN1-GP Black SECC/ ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    It's $46 more than the Smilodon including shipping and rebates, and it's totally worth the difference IMO. It would let you fit any cooler and any video cards you want, no more space restrictions. It looks similar to the Smilodon IMO. It has three 12cm fans and room for 3 more. The only bad thing about it is the nVidia logo - it's weird for a PC with an HD 4870 inside :)
  14. But i really like this case :) Will i be able to oc with stock cooling to 3.2 Ghz? So is any of the coolings good from what is listed above?



  15. No, it won't fit.

    Overclock the Q9450 from 2.66 to 3.2 - yeah, the stock cooler can handle that. Maybe even 3.4.
  16. So the stock cooling will fit in this case? Oh and what will be temp with like 3.2Ghz playing, IDK, Crysis? Because now i have THermalright 120 Ultra with 2x Scythe Ultra kaze on it and cpu (Q6600) OC to 3.6Ghz is like 32oC I really want to find something good that can cool my oc in this case. Oh and will radeon 4870 Fit there? And what company is the best for Radeon?
  17. I don't know, you try it and tell us. From newegg comments it looks like under 60 degrees at 3.2 under load with a Xigmatek or Zalman 9700, so I'm guessing 70 degrees at worst on the stock cooler. Of course, it depends on the room temperature too. I wouldn't worry about it.
  18. alveos said:
    So the stock cooling will fit in this case? Oh and what will be temp with like 3.2Ghz playing, IDK, Crysis? Because now i have THermalright 120 Ultra with 2x Scythe Ultra kaze on it and cpu (Q6600) OC to 3.6Ghz is like 32oC I really want to find something good that can cool my oc in this case. Oh and will radeon 4870 Fit there? And what company is the best for Radeon?

    OK, I don't understand. If you've already got a Q6600 at 3.6, why do you want a Q9450 at 3.2? That would be slower, it's not an upgrade.

    Best for Radeon: I like Sapphire, had good experience with their cards in the past. Visiontek and Diamond get good reviews too.
  19. I know but i sold my old pc and i want to buy new one. Also what is the difference between Q6600 and Q9450 except cache? But i still dont understand why none of the coolers wont fit there. I saw this case at store and its not really that small. :(:(:(:(
  20. The difference about Q6600 and the Q9450??? from the name itself is different :kaola:

    Anyway from what i know, the architecture is different as well. Q6600 still using 65nm fabrication, Q9450 is using the latest 45nm fabrication. That resulting in power consumption, heat generates and capabilities for executing a program become a little fast with little power to the cpu. Thats all i know, i'm still learning. But for some reason, new technology (aka. Q9450 or 45nm fabrication) didn't fit well on today technology. But if you want throwing your bucks, its ok. but don't regret it if intel launch nehalem.
  21. I did a little more research and found that the Tuniq Tower fits in the Raidmax Smilodon. It's a bit of a pain to install it there, but it works. That's a very good cooler btw.
  22. Thanks "aevm" about the reserch. Also thanks everybody for helping me.

    Is the 4870 the best card that is out?
  23. Oh one more question, does anyone have a Thermalright Shark? Is this case good? And is it worth to buy blue-ray burner?
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