Need help with palit 9600gt

Hi, I have a palit 9600gt graphics card and it has a cable with one black and one red wire (2 pin pung) at each end. I know it is to plug onto the audio card. I have a DX38BT intel motherboard and do not know where to plug this on. Is this for HDMI? Also is this concidered spdif. Thanks

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  1. ??? sounds like the wire for your fan on the graphics card. the only graphics cards that have sound capability( to my knowledge) is ATI cards. im pretty sure that no nvidia card has that capability. can you post a pic of your card and the wires??
  2. well after looking at the pics of your card on newegg its the s/pdif cable ( i think thats what your talking about) and it allows you to route your onboard sound through your graphics card to external speakers. not to your mobo. right ibuypower??
  3. Yes kinda. But it's more than just onboard sound. It's "hi-definition" audio, Barn'.
  4. but i thought that only ATI did the ongraphics card sound thing.
  5. That's what you get for thinkin'.
  6. The wire goes from SPDIF to Video card.

    Sends sound to DVI/HDMI.
  7. LOL :lol: sorry guys ibuypower is my best friend :hello:
  8. Well he's not mine. "I think he's a nut" lol. JK JK. He's good guy!!!
  9. Hey, thanks to all. I do know that connection but it is a three pin header not two. How do I determine which way to plug it on.
  10. My MB has 3pin SPDIF in and 2pin SPDIF out.

    Look closer.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I did take another look. On my motherboard is three pins (header) labled SPDIF. the wires or cable coming from the graphics card is two pin, red and blk wire.
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