Single Intel X-25M vs. OCZ Vertex Drives in RAID 0

I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase a single Intel X-25M 80GB Gen. 2 drive or two OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD drives that I'd configure in RAID 0. One of the primary selling points of the Intel X-25M is it's random read/write speed, which tends to be what your OS does most of the time in its daily activities. I know the OCZ Vertex along with pretty much every other non-Intel drive can't compare to the Intel in this area. However, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of how much random read/write performance of the Vertex would improve as a result of a RAID 0 configuration. Would it bring it up to speed of a single Intel X-25M drive, or would it still not compare? Does RAID even help in this area, or does it primarily boost sequential read/writes?

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  1. RAID 0 will not reduce the latency of a drive, but it will allow more concurrent I/Os. You can expect an improvement in random I/O performance commensurate with the number of requests queued in parallel, but for a single stream of random I/Os you woudn't see much if any improvement.

    As a wild guess I'd suggest that it would be reasonable to expect somewhere around 30 to 50% improvement in random I/O performance with RAID 0 (but the caveat is that it depends very much on parallelism of the workload).
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