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computer is printing the same on 4 different printers washed out and color shifted. The monitor is calibrated and shows washed out and color shifted.
All hardware acting exactly the same.

This happened after loading canon 9500 mark II pro software. uninstalled reinstalled tried every thing in that vain to no avail. I have nvida g force vidio card and do not see any setting that could be causing this problem. Somewhere a hue or Gama shift has been changed. How do I get it back to neutral?
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  1. Color profile is incorrect. Click Start>Help and Support
    In the search box, enter Color Profile and it will have several things you do to correct a color profile for both monitor and printer.
  2. Already did that the color profiles are correct for the monitor sRGb and the printer the proper profiles are loaded for each specific paper. The rendering intent is sRGB for the printer and program.

    That was the first thing I did when the printer was set up.
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