New budget build, E2160 OC results!

Well, I built a BUDGET rig for my brother a few days ago. This is what it consists of:

Mobo: GA-EP35-DS3L 90$ at the Egg
Ram: G. Skill DDR2 800 2X1 Gig 45$ at the Egg
Case: Sunbeam IC SS W/450 W. Power Supply 65$ at the Egg
CPU Cooler: Zalman 9700 55$ at the Egg
Proc: E2160: 72$ at the Egg
HDD: Raptor 37 Gig 10K RPM FREE (had it laying around)
Vid Card: ATI X800 PRO FREE (had it laying around)
Sound Card: None = (

Total cost about 315$

Now, who says budget can't OC well ?
The GA-EP35-DS3L already has a history of a broken BIOS, this inhibits overclocking dramatically because the BIOS does not save the VCore even if you change it. However, there is a BIOS update for it that I just found that fixes this problem! It is not on the Gigabyte website, becasue Gigabyte denies the existence of this problem. Anyways, once you flash to this Beta Bios, the problem disappears, and this becomes a FANTASTIC Mobo for Overclocking on! Here is the fixed Bios for anyone with this problem:

Now, as the thread states, I have had excellent success with the E2160, but the level of success is quite shocking. I built one rig already with the budget E2160 and got it to 3.0Ghz with a Freezer Pro, although the temps are very high, I was happy with these results. However, on this current Rig, I have pushed the E2160 from 1.8Ghz all the way to close to 3.4Ghz! This chip overclocks better than my old E6600 with the same cooler! Here is a pic for you guys, take note the pictures shows that I only tested for 22minz, but I kept Orthos running and it has not crashed for about 2 hours so far.
72$ for 3.35 Ghz ? What a steal!
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  1. naturally minus the cache of the e6600 but they are GREAT chips (using one right now.... @3.0)
  2. True, the cache is lacking. My E8400 has 6MB, a stark difference from the E2160. I think that I can say however, that almost all mid-to high range GFX cards will not be bottlenecked by my 2160 @3.35 Ghz, which is what I am looking for.
  3. Nice overclock! Pretty much the same as mine. xD

    But they're GREAT little procs at 3-3.4.
    I just wish my failing x1900xt could keep up! - 4850 coming soon. >:3
  4. Yea, my X800 Pro is obviously the weakest link, I can't even run 3DMark 06 cuz it doesnt support the proper shaders lol, surprisingly, I can almost max-out games like Company of Heroes, but STALKER won't even let me get to the load screen, because it says the 800Pro is not supported, Bizzare.
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