Hey guys, kinda new to the overclocking thing, I have a question about the timing adjustment on my ram, stock is like either 5-7-7-7-21, and Ive heard people list there's as like 5-5-5-5-15, is the higher the number better, or do I want to put it to the lower values, and can You guys plz explain the valuses and what they represent, thanks also the ram is 1066mhz
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  1. PC28500 1066Mhz. RAM must be set manually to run at 1066MHz. in BIOS. Otherwise it will default to 800MHz. JEDEC standard. The lower the timing the faster the response time becomes. This is true with all the RAM timing settings in BIOS. If overclocking, it may be possible to achieve higher overclocks by loosening (or increasing) the response times of the RAM in BIOS. The best rated timings I see for PC28500 are 5-5-5-15. I can not remember seeing PC28500 rated at 7 CAS, 6 but not 7. Your RAM has a CAS performance rating from the Mfg.
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