OEM hardware requires what extras?

Quick question - I ordered an OEM harddrive and an OEM DVD/CD drive. I knew I had to order a SATA cable for both, but I wasn't sure whether or not I needed to get the DVD/CD drive rails that get screwed in to the sides (if necessary).

Is that something that should come with my Antec 900 case? I tried searching through newegg for "rail" with no luck.

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  1. Don't worry, nothing uses rails anymore...either the case comes with them, or the bay's screw holes now line up directly.
  2. if u bought a motherboard with ur system build. ull have plenty of mobos with it. i wouldnt have bought the optical drive without a retail bundle as u wont get software to burn or if it isnt a burn, its fine. dvd burners should be bought in retail online or at a retail store
  3. Your case will come with everything you need for installing the drives. You shouldn't need sata cables if you bought a new motherboard as they would have been included. As pcgamer12 said, the oem CD/DVD drives don't come with any burning or DVD software. If that's not a concern then you're fine.
  4. Strange my OEM Lite-On DVD drive did come with a copy of Nero got it from Newegg. As for DVD software even the retail versions don't come with full versions of DVD playing software, so if your running XP your still going to need to buy either the full version of WinDVD or PowerDVD or go thru Windows Media Player to either one of the for mentioned DVD playing software sites to buy the CODEC to play your DVD's with 5.1 sound. If your using Vista and it has Windows Media Center your already set, it does come with the needed CODEC for surround sound.
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