nvidia gt200 price drop?

Rumors have it that nvidia might lower the prices for the gtx 280/260 in order to remain competitive with ati 4xxx series.
(nvidia was not aware of the 800sp in the new ati cards)
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  1. idk... probably not though knowing nvidia and the fact that the gt200 chips cost so much to make is another reason it probably won't happen... atleast not until the 55nm shrink
  2. well they might have to if the 4850 and 4870 performance is close or on par with the gtx 260/280 and cost alot less. isnt the 4870 going to be priced around 300$ if u buy 2 of them and cf them im pretty sure it will take on the gtx 280 easily.
  3. ^ hence the 4870 x2... which is cheaper then 2 4870's in cross fire...
  4. I really hope top of the line cards would cost 400, it'd push prices down for us gamers.
  5. 4870x2 will probably be a few ticks faster than 2 4870's as well as a little cheaper. Also by the end of summer prices will have come down a little on both as well Nvidia gpus.

    Seems to me that Nvidia is getting too far ahead of themselves. They are making faster products BUT at too high of a consumer price, and in the current global economy many consumers are looking hard at the price tag. Not to mention that MOST non-geeks know of Intel, and many know of ATI through Nintendo, but far less know of Nvidia. Just ask your mom, dad, wife, or gf who they've heard of. Anyway the rift between Nvidia and Intel isn't good, but probably worse for Nvidia because of the non-geek consumers. I like nvidia, ati, intel and amd all the same. I just happen to think that riding against the grain to stand out might not be the best idea in any market right now. I hate to say it but PC upgrades are the least of my expense concerns but if my gpu dies this summer I'd go with a 4850 or 4870 solely on price/performance.
  6. Since AMD weeded out the spys ,Nvidia dont have the information anymore.They assumed that they would be way ahead of AMD,and are about to pay the price
  7. The arrogant green team had it coming.
  8. Yeah, I guess thats a good thing that NVIDIA is lowering their prices. I don't really want to spend over $700 AUS dollars here when this card arrives here or whatever the price range is going to be.
  9. well the prices were going to be 649.99$ for the gtx 280 and 449.99$ for the gtx 260. Now they might lower the card to as low as 499.99$ for gtx 280 and 399.99$ for the 260. (just rumors no official announcement)
  10. Its pretty bad when you have to lower your prices less than a week after a products launch, and before it really even hits store shelves. This is what happens when you get too cocky, Nvidia should have learned from Intel around the turn of the millenium.
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