Asus P5Q Pro - Buyers Remorse?

So, after much deliberation, I finally bit the bullet and ordered this build:

The motherboard was my major sticking point, but in the end I went with the P5Q Pro due to the fact that it was $100 cheaper than the X48 board I was considering, and on top of that, newegg gave me another $30 off due to buying a combo of that board and the asus branded HD480 card...

But now, I'm going over reviews of the board on newegg... and I'm wondering if I made a serious mistake, and should have picked up a better, X48 board...

I'm considering eventually going with crossfire 4850s, but not planning to do so until way way way down the road when the cards are dirt cheap...

Anyway, please let me know what you think, wondering if I should just turn around and RMA the board when I get it and get something with x16 crossfire...

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  1. Your wishlist shows only P5Q PRO. What was the original?

    Down the road means never got around it. :) By then, either the gpu is discontinued or a new king is crowned.

    I would have gone with X38-DS4 for $180-ish, but newegg seems to think it's unprofitable so they disabled this item. *roll eyes*

    The best option for you would be to stick with a single card solution. HD4870X2 will be out in a month or so. By holidays, the dualie should be quite affordable.
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