Floppy Diskette Seek Failure, How do you fix the problem?

on boot up it says" floppy diskette seek failure strike the f1 key to continue, f2 to run the setup utility"
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  1. If you don't have a floppy drive then go into BIOS and disable the floppy device.
  2. went to boot sequence and tried to delete and it said i can not delete this item. according to the sequence the only two things that are bootable is the onboard sata hard drive and the onboard or usb cd-rom drive.
  3. You don't disable it there. Enter the BIOS setup (refer to your documentation), locate the selection for Floppy Disk and disable it.
  4. then after leaving the setup it says now" no boot device available strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility"
  5. That means that you've also disabled the HD boot or have a failed hard drive.
  6. when i try to enter bios it just freezes up and says entering setup and goes no further. i think you maybe right about the failed hd.
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