Wireless N and G, interferance when physically next to each other?

I've looked over the forums and google and have been unable to find a clear answer. Here is my situation. I have a 7.0mbps DSL modem/wireless G router in my kitchen. I currently connect my Laptop, XBOX 360 and desktop to the wireless network. I get great steady speed but it's G speed. Can I setup a wireless N1 router right next to the current router and use the N speeds for my desktop upstairs, while keeping my Xbox 360 and laptop connecting to the G network so they don't slow down the N network?

Will the networks interfere with each other since they are literally being broadcast next to each other?

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  1. So...no one has an answer?
  2. setup netcard speed auto to 802.11 G mode,and make sure no one 802.11 a/b card in your wordgroup .there has rule,if there are different mode wrielesscard in wireless network,it will auto slow speed down to compatible .so .....
  3. yes you can put them next to each other
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