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I was locked out of my HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop because I couldn't remember my password for windows vista 32 bit so I reset to factory on the 11/20/12. Everything was working just fine, on the 21st I ripped a cd into my computer with no problems. Later that night after I had installed some programs that I had prior to resetting, decided to rip some cds The cd player would not play or allow me to view files or rip. Windows media player says a cd drive needs to be installed, did not give error code, when i inserted a disc to try to rip. I checked BIOS and device manager and there is no listing for the driver. I have tried the regedit found the correct place but could not find the upper or lower filters. I have been searching for a solution for 2 days now and have not found a solution to my problem. When I reset my laptop I had to lose over 3000 photos, mostly of my children, luckily I have 90% of my photos burned on discs but I would like to upload them again but without the cd/dvd drive working it is impossible. I also need to be able to use the cd drive for my job, which means I have not been able to work for 2 days now. This is really frustrating and any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  1. If the BIOS doesn't see the drive then there are 2 possibilities:

    1. Loose connectors on the drive or motherboard.
    2. Failed drive.
  2. everything else is working fine... except for quick play. Anything that has to do with disc will not work. if it is what you suggested.. how do i fix it
  3. Open the PC and retighten all the cables that connect to the CD/DVD drive, then check to see if the drive is listed in BIOS. If not, replace the drive.
  4. could something that i may have downloaded corrupted the drive?
  5. No
  6. ooh that's scary, I've never opened my laptop before, but I will try it. if it needs to be replaced, what's the best way to do that
  7. If it's a laptop (missed that part in the original post) then there are no cables to check, the CD/DVD drive plugs directly into the motherboard. Since the drive does not appear in BIOS then there's a very high probability that the drive has failed and requires replacement.
  8. what's the best way to replace it... this has never happened to me before
  9. Take it to a service center and let them. If it's still under warranty it won't cost. If not it could wind up over $200 Parts & labor (mostly parts)
  10. ok... no it's not under warranty anymore.. would an external cd drive work for now
  11. External should work just fine. Not as convenient, but workable.
  12. ok thank you so much for your help. I guess I'll quit searching for a fix now. Wish i would have found this site 2 days ago would have saved a lot of headaches.
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