new HD 4850 3dmark scores

There are some new 3Dmark scores posted on the web for th upcoming HD4850. The page is not in English though.

The numbers are pretty impressive.

Looking at the first page's GPU-Z image, it seems to me that the card is underclocked but I can be wrong.

3Dmark 2006

1280 * 1024 0xAA 0xAF, 12494

2560 x 1600 0xAA 0xAF, 7935

1280x1024 8xAA 16xAF, 8487

3DMark VANTAGE Performance (1280x1024 0xAA 0xAF) P6995

Found the link in
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  1. I don't think the fill rates are right. The ROPS seems like it should be 32. But this looks to perform much like a 3870 and thats not a bad boost.

    I want to see the 4870 1GB GDDR5. That one is what I am interested in for a replacement for my HD2900Pro 1GB.
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