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Hi there,

I just bought a new 24" LCD and when I open World of Warcraft, I am getting 10fps which is unacceotable. The only reason I think think of is the graphic I am using is bad (Nvidia 7300 series). I am planning to play Age Of Conan as well which requires a very high end graphic card. At the moment, I am thinking of the ATI 4850. But someone says the driver is not very good >.< Can some experts here giveme a hand please. ANy suggestion??

much appreciated

My PC spec:
CPU - Core 2 Duo E6550@2.33GHz
RAM - 2G
Motherboard - ASUS P5LD2-x/1333
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  1. Single card 48x0 setups seem to be running fine. ATI's driver team still needs to get Cf working on some more games for my Cf 4850's :fou: Just have to wait another 1 or 2 driver releases for all the bugs to be worked out.

    Either a 4850 or a 8800GTS 512/9800GTX would be my recommendation.
  2. 1. May I ask what is CF?
    2. Also I heard people talking about AA, 2xAA, what's all that about?
    3. will a 4850 fix nicely onto my motherboard as in the compatibility
    (PCI-E x 16, PCI-E2.0)
    4. so a single 4850 will give me a very high fps on a 1920x1200 screen?

    sorry I have so many question =p
  3. 1. Cf = CrossFire. It means running 2 ATI cards together in a system to get better performance.

    2. AA = Anti-aliasing. Using AA makes the edge lines of 3d graphics look straighter rather than broken. The higher the sample rate, the better quality immage and the lower the performance.

    3: Yes, PCIe 2.0 is fully backwards compatible with PCIe 1.1.

    4: In most games, yes. A single 4850 is enough to run almost every game smoothly @ 1920x1200 with all of the features turned up. Don't expect Crysis to run smoothly, though. That poorly coded POS game only runs halfway smoothly at this resolution on very high end nVidia setups. TWIMTBP sure killed this game...

    No problems with the questions. No one starts off knowing everything ;)
  4. Thanks for your help, outlw6669.
    1. But how to I adjust the AA setting? Is there a software that comes along with the graphic card?
    2. I had a read on wikipedia about TWIMTBP, is this just a testing program to check how well can a Nvidia card can perform ?apparently ATI has Get in the game as well.

  5. AA can either be turned on through the game's settings or forced on through ATI and nVidia's respective control panels. With your current GPU and performance, I would not recommend using it. With a newer card, I always run at least 2x AA and prefer to run 4x to 8x AA.

    TWIMTBP is a fiendish marketing tactic used mostly bye nVidia. ATI has finally taken notice and introduced their Get in the Game to compete just recently. Basically, nVidia will provide the game makers free GPU's and $$$ in order to have access to the game before release. They can then optimise their drivers to the game and get a +1 on the initial benchmarks which are normally the only ones that are seen. In some cases, Crysis, the game it self is optimised for only one GPU architecture. Assassins Creed is the only TWIMTBP game that, on release, ran better on an ATI card. This was due to DX10.1 support in the game that was very quickly removed with a patch. After the patch to force only DX10 rendering is applied, nVidia PWNS ATI in this game as well.
  6. thansk, very clear explanation. You are a star. Yeah I know my graphic is sh*t, won't go for AA until I get my 4850. Many thanks for your help.
  7. No problem.
    Enjoy your better gaming experience!
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