no video after vista update kills computer

Hi, this has been posted elsewhere in the forums but I'm not sure what the correct thread is......

I have been running vista ultimate 64 stable for several months now on a new build. However, after downloading and installing service pack 1, it sent me to a blue screen, did a memory dump, and then the computer would not reboot again. It powers on, albeit just the case lights, and fans but will not post to BIOS, just a black screen. The monitor doesn't even come out of sleep when the computer is powered up (tells me there is no signal). I have removed all but 1 gb of ram, disconnected the HD's and all other peripherals and tried rebooting again, but nothing changed. Could the update have killed my motherboard? Ram? Video cards? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

phenom 9600
msi k9a2 platinum
4 gb kingston hyper X
coolermaster pro 1000W
two HIS 3870's in crossfire
two samsung spinpoint T series 500 gb in raid 0

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  1. The update wont have caused damage to your components... I think its more likely the blue screen was the result of a component failure, which was unrelated to the update.

    The only time software will cause physical damage is overclocking type software or "burn-in" type stress test software on already defective \ overclocked systems.

    I would suggest a process of elimination strip the system down to 1 stick of ram no hard drives \ cd drives one video card and try again. then swap to the other graphics card as a single card and a different stick of ram.

    Ive actually had a faulty DVD drive cause a computer to not power up or to power up intermittantly before!
  2. Thanks! I was afraid of having to check out each stick and the video cards. I already started by removing all but one to no avail, but will continue forward. It just seemed like the perfect storm with the update and the blue screen of death. A faulty dvd wouldn't surprise me at this point.

  3. I dont suppose you happen to have a second PC around so you can check out power supply as well do you?

    I had to go through the process of elimination on a PC that was crashing randomly, I have two identical rigs I was testing everything, drives, cpu, graphics cards, etc turned out 1 out of 4 of the new sticks of ram was causing the issue. Funny thing is I couldnt get vistas memory checker to find the error, but it was that one stick of ram was the one common feature of every unstable combination :(.

    I havent got round to setting up a test rig to run some serious ram tests on the bad stick.
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