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* OCZ part number:-OCZ2FX12002GK
* Module size and kit size:-2 x 1GB
* CPU model and rated speed:-Intel Q6600 2400MHZ
* Overclocked CPU speed:-2.71GHZ
* Divider and FSB used:-FSB: 450MHZ
* Motherboard and revision:-p5e
* Motherboard Bios rev:-702
* Video card:-Nvidia 9800 GX2
* Power supply:-PC power and cooling 750
* Operating System:-XP
* CPU and System Cooling:-Tuniq tower
* CPU and System temps:-CPU:31C Motherboard:41C
* Purchased at/on:-Newegg - 25 days ago
* Country:-USA
* Memory voltage:-2.1

I am have hit a wall trying to get my memory to run at the rated 1200MHZ speed. I have the ram booting at DDr2-900MHZ but any higher and it fails to boot. I've tried everything I can think of to get it to 1200. Can anyone help me out. THX

Ai Overclock Tuner - manual
CPU Ratio Setting - 6.0
FSB Frequency - 450
FSB Strap to North Bridge - 400MHz
PCIE Frequency - 100

Dram Frequency - DDR2 900 MHz
Dram Command Rate - Manual

Pri. Information : 5-5-5-18-3-55-6-3
CAS# Latency - 5
RAS# to CAS# Delay - 5
RAS# Precharge - 5
RAS# Active Time - 18
RAS# to RAS# Delay - Auto
Row Refresh Cycle Time - 55 DRAM clock
Write Recovery Time - Auto
Read to Precharge Time - Auto

Sec. Information : 8-3-5-4-6-4-6

Read to Write Delay - auto
Write to Read Delay - auto
Write to Read Delay - auto
Read to Read Delay - auto
Read to Read Delay - auto
Write to Write delay - auto
write to write delay - auto
dram static read control - disabled
ai clock twister - Strong
transaction booster - disabled
Relax Level - 3

VCORE Voltage - auto
CPU PLL Voltage - auto
FSB Termination Voltage - auto
Dram voltage - 2.10
north bridge voltage - auto
south bridge voltage - auto
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  1. The P5E is rated to use DDR2-1067, however you should be able to get to around 480 FSB before having to increase the NB voltage to get upto and over if your lucky 500 FSB/ DDR2 1000.

    For a start set your voltages up manually the P5E is good at giving you a general indication as to when a voltage is too high via the number changing colour in a traffic light way. Now atm i can't give exact figures as i'm not on my P5E comp so you'll have to take advice from somebody else or what is probably the better course, the use of trail and error.

    I'd guess that your vcore needs to be increased in steps to get past 450FSB. You'll hit another wall at around 480-490 FSB and need to increase the NB voltage aswell in steps till it boots at 500 FSB after that it's pure trail and error for your specific system to get over 500 FSB. :)

    Thge most i've had is 523 FSB...
  2. Try not running the ram 1:1 AKA use different strap.

    At 450 you need more vots then auto is supplying you. Run your vcore manually. Also lock your PCI e at 100.

    Read some overclock stickys.
  3. I apologize for the delay in updates. I've been trying in vain to get this ram to run at 1200 all weekend. I lowered the frontside bus to 266 and multiplier back to 9 to give me the default speed for my processor. At that point i could set one stick to run at 1066 and that worked fine but I could not stabily achieve two sticks at 1066 no matter what I did. I'm just going to return the board and probably get a 680i chipset board.
  4. Can anyone recommend a board this ram will work in or should I return the ram as well?
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