Raid Noob + Mobo Question

Ok so I have a few questions about setting up raid on my motherboard.
I don't have the actual drives yet, but i'm just asking now ahead of time.

First of all my Mobo is an ASRock A780GMH/128M. It's Supposed to have the 780G/710 Chipset. But for some reason my shows as a 780G/750. (See Below) I'm not sure what to make of this..

Secondly, If I enable Raid in the Bios, Does that mean all my HD's I plug in will be in the raid setup I chose?
I plan on using to WD Black 640Gb in Raid 0.
I was thinking of setting up the Raid then OS and after everything is how I want it I'll go back and add my other hard drives.

This is my first time attempting to setup Raid.
I haven't been able to find any good guides on how to do this with AMD Chipset.

Any Advice/tips or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Typically with an on board raid controller there's a button that boots you in to set up the raid, like f8 for safe mode. it's more then likely in your mother board book.

    if you wait till after to set up the raid it would be kind of point less you would first install the os on one hard drive the have to go back and reformat the drives to place the os on the raid volume.

    just to further explain, the raid controller is going to take two or more drives, you want them to be identical and make them look like one hard drive. Then install the os across these drive's to create one large drive or a back up volume depending on which raid you pick. you want this set up first by using the raid utility that come with your mother board.
  2. what other hard drive will you have aside from the 2 640gb drives?

    From what i've seen w\ onboard sata raid, you have to set the sata ports to [raid] mode from a defaulted standard mode in the bios.

    You should still be able to have other sata stuff plugged in outside of your raid setup.
  3. Your mobo came with a manual, whether printed or on CD, that includes some instructions on how to get a RAID array set up. It also should have on the CD an additional manual specifically on the RAID system that covers much more detail. Both are available here:

    I understand that you plan to have the RAID0 array as your boot drive where Windows is installed. Be aware that, if that array fails, you won't be able to boot from it and will need an alternate way to get your machine working again.

    On your second question, the only drives involved in the RAID array will be those you specifically designate. Within the BIOS you set the disk mode to RAID in the "IDE Configuration" menu, then boot with a CD that came with your mobo in the optical drive. You use menu options to create the RAID array, in the process defining which drives will be used in what type of RAID array. No other drives will be in the RAID. Probably you will set any other drives to native SATA mode. Once the array exists you can start to install Windows. BUT you will have to install drivers for the RAID system at the very beginning of the Install process, and this means you need to have them ready for use. If you're installing Win XP they HAVE to be on a floppy drive. If you're installing VISTA they can be installed from one of the CD's that came with the mobo.

    ALL of these details are covered well in the RAID Manual's first 9 pages, so download (if you don't have it already on a CD) and study.
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