Managing Windows file indexing of drives

Spent someof my day searching for the secret to managing Windows file indexing (unsuccessfully).

So annoying that MS neglects to tell the user much more than how to turn a pc on.
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  1. Yep. How to turn on and off a personal computer, How to turn on and off file indexing. Big effort at offering anything like explaining when we see options for...

    "allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" opposed to only indexing 'file properties'?

    I wonder only in that out of 10 EHD's I have, only two of them 'autoplay' scan (indexing files) when I introduce either of these two EHDs.

    Doesn't matter that I've disabled indexing or not. Go figure.

    And no, the EHDs do not differ with the others in any significant manner, ie; they're not 'slaves (no program run off them), they're not partitioned, encrypted, etc.

    Seems like some bug involving "autoplay" and "file indexing", ie; why do these EHD's introductions always result in a popup quite queerly titled "autoplay" which then animates and lists files that are being scanned/indexed?

    Just annoying that something very odd's going on with a couple of my EHD;'s and worse, MS offer's little to no info on these popup's; eg; why they're occurring.

    Also, not certain but I think these two EHD's are also the one's that balk at safe disconnents, regardless that they're set for quick removal. Another bug, I don't know.

    Just really sad of MS of afford so little effort at explaining their utilities while bombarding us with their bloatware that few ever use (not to mention it being forceware as well).

    Maybe then again, this's not MS and instead something being done by Symantec's NAV2010.
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