Need some core i7 help please!

Hey guys well i got a 920 and well i overclocked it at a stable 4 ghz, well i decided to go back to stock cuase i jsut wanted to see if i could reach 4ghz.

well today i went back to stock, and now im getting Proformance spikes in the 1st core when playing left 4 dead or any game online.

The thing i find wierd, is that when playing any game in single player mode the cores run fine just like they used to run, anyone know of a fix for this issue ?
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  1. UPDATE:

    So i was running css in windowed mode and i was watching task manger and core 0 was running at 99% while the rest of the cores barley used 1% is there some kinda fix for this issue that u all know of ?
  2. What process was using the CPU power?
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