GRID running Maxed out 1280x1024 Video, on 9800 GX2

Decided to make this video of the replay. The lag (if it may seem like it to you) is from the video compressing I had to shrink the video from 4.2 gigs to 97 MBs.

Any ways I was just bored lol tell me what you think.

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  1. I forgot to put the link before lol
  2. double post :(
  3. that looks f'in awesome.
    If only i played racing games.

    Last one i played was Test Drive 6
  4. *drool*
  5. yeah, it even plays smoothly with my 8800GT.
  6. yeah I turned off 1 gpu and only got about 7 frames difference, so this game would run awesome on a 9800 GTX or 8800 GTS G92.


    Yeah i play more fps shooters but with this 1 omg I just have to play it and watch the replays they look soo good!!!!!!!

    Sli users should be up to speed with the new Nvidia drivers:)

    GT 5 eat your heart out:D
  7. L1qu1d said:
    yeah I turned off 1 gpu and only got about 7 frames difference, so this game would run awesome on a 9800 GTX or 8800 GTS G92.

    I had to disable XF to get this game running stable, and with only (1) 3870 running, it defaulted @ high on everything with 4XMSAA @ 1680X1050, and there never was any lag AT ALL!! I mean the engine is so pretty, and the driving is kick ass..!!

    The only gripe is the fact that there' s no clutch support which takes a bit away, but still sooooo much fun.
  8. yeah I noticed no clutch lol, he always moves his accelerator foot but never his clutch foot lol:P
  9. ^ yeah you don't need a super gpu to run this... well.... a mid to high end...

    i have a 8800 gts 640 and i'm running it max at 1920 by 1200 with 4 aa

    i love racng.... buts even more fun is turning around at startup and then speeding along the track backwards and then colliding with the "best ai"... the crash is so fun to watch.... one time i did it on a 20 player race... I totalled 9 cars lol
  10. The AI is overly aggressive I find them fishtailing me all the time in turns lol.

    I find my self hitting the walls ever start hahaha
  11. I find the opposite... when in turns they slow down considerably...

    but then when your on a looser turn you speed up to the max... and then they kinda come out of no where and hit your back wheel sending you spinning... you then get totaled by the rest of the cars... thats always annoying
  12. yup. crank the AI harder and you'll see what I mean, they slow down on easy, its like that in every racing game:P.

    I think the first patch for the game will fix any issues, I'm hopping it will bring SLI improvements as well.
  13. I sure do hope they fix the XF problem, but I found the AI a bit dull at first. They get smarter when you turn the difficulty up though...
  14. Nice vid mate :) ... GRID is the COD4 of Racing games. I'm addicted to it.
  15. Definitely getting this when i buy my g280 next week!
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