e6600 tcase temp broken?

Hey guys I am not sure whats going on. I think possibly my diode for the tcase has stopped working. I saw that the beta everest showed the north bridge temp of my evga 680i board, so I downloaded it to check it out. Everything looked to be fine. I decided to play with my cpu multiplier to try to bump up my ram while keeping it linked. A few test and everything was going as expected. Then suddenly the tcase temp jumped to 98 degrees Celsius while the core temps where reading my normal high 30's to low 40's (everest and speedfan where showing pretty much the same thing). I went back to my bios and it showed the tcase running in the low 40's. I booted windows again and everything was reading normal. Then after a few minutes the tcase dropped to negative 50's in both everest and speedfan. I went back to the bios and now the bios is showing negative 40's. I checked all of my bios setting and put everything back to the way it was before. Rebooted but it still shows negative 40's now in windows everest doesn't even show a tcase temp and speedfan is still showing negative 50's.

Anybody had this problem or know whats going on? Thanks for your time.
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  1. Three possibilities come to mind:

    (1) Corrupt BIOS. Check for new versions and perform a flash, or if no new version are available, then re-flash your current version.

    (2) Faulty pin contact or processor. Reseat the processor in the socket. Last resort; RMA the processor.

    (3) Faulty Super I/O (Input / Output) chip on your motherboard, which contains the A to D (Ananog to Digital) converter for the Tcase sensor, as well as other functions. Last resort; RMA the motherboard.

    Comp :sol:
  2. Thanks for the reply. At this moment its working normally again, but its only been running for about 5 minutes. Very odd indeed, makes me think its a faulty part like you listed. I will try a bios flash.

    Thanks for your time Comp.
  3. Your very welcome. If the BIOS flash doesn't solve the problem, your only other possible action, aside from RMA, is to reseat your processor.
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