PC Freezes UP at first screen

My PC seems to freeze up at first boot up, its the screen that shows your CPU and stuff like that. ex. shows the processer and what speed it is, and what Bios ( F6 ) i think. at the bottom of the screen it shows the hit Del to got to Bios or F9 to recover. How ever it will not move from there. I am thinking the Bios is locking up on it.

the board is a Gigabyte GA-K8N-Ultra SLi
Kingston 2gb 512 x4
AMD 64 3500+

it worked fine Wensday. and now it wont, did not load or change anything.
I have unplugged all the HD ATA & SATA drives.

It seems like its looking for the HD and CD drive, at time of freezing.
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  1. Clear cmos, try each ram stick in each slot, set up ram settings in bios upon post, install the rest of ram.
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