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Hey guys,
Hopefully someone can help me with my CPU temp. I have a Xigmatek S963 Cooler and an AMD 64 X2 5000+ CPU. I apply a thin layer of Arctic Silver 5 on the CPU and on the base of the heat sink. I check the temp in bios and it shows CPU temp is around 50C..wow. I'm not overclocking it. The frequency for the chip is 2600Mhz, multiplier is at 13. Is this correct? I know 50C is a bit high for normal operation. If anyone knows how to lower the CPU temp, please let me know.

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  1. I had this same problem when I put my S963 on recently. What you have to do is apply the thermal compound to the heatsink itself. Take something with an edge, like a credit card, and fill in the edges of the heatsink pipes where it meets the aluminum dividers. Make sure it is flat and then you can apply the lines of thermal paste either 3 small ones on the pipes themselves, or 2 slightly larger ones on the middle two dividers. By doing this, I lowered my temps by over 10*C.

    I know there is another thread like this somewhere in the cooling section that has a link to an excellent site with better pictures...
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