WD Caviar Black 1TB Stuttering Problem

I just got this new hard drive from newegg and installed a fresh copy of windows 7 pro rtm. Everything seemed to be working fine but then I noticed the stuttering.

Stuttering occurs when I browse the internet and play games. The stuttering lasts for 1 sec and randomly repeats. So I ran hdtune and it did not look good.


My min transfer is 4.4 mb/s. I saw other tests using my hard drive and hd tune and their graphs don't spike like mine. I tried changing sata cables, changing ports but that didn't help. What could be wrong with it?

asus p5ql pro
4gig gskill
Antec 650w
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  1. Are there other programs (such as virus scanners, for example) accessing the drive? Any concurrent access by multiple programs is likely to cause a lot of seeks which can drastically lower performance.
  2. how many hard drives do you have on the one system?
  3. I can only suggest some additional things to consider,
    but without any "guarantees", OK?

    In case you didn't know this, Intel recommends that
    the BIOS setting for the main SATA ports be configured
    as RAID even if you plan to start with JBOD (Just a Bunch
    Of Disks).

    At Newegg, however, I see that the specs for your
    motherboard show the ICH10 I/O controller hub,
    which is not the same as ICH10R (RAID edition):


    You should double-check to make sure that you
    are running the latest Intel chipset drivers.

    Quite often, users of ASUS motherboards forget
    to install the Chipset Drivers from the Support CD,
    and this could explain your problem. If you have
    not done so, then DO SO IMMEDIATELY!

    Also, there may be an updated version of those
    Chipset Drivers in the Download section of the
    ASUS website for that motherboard:


    Also, after confirming that you have installed the
    Chipset Drivers from the Support CD, if you still
    experience the same stuttering, I would strongly
    suggest that you contact Western Digital directly.

    Hope this helps :)

  4. The ASUS website reports this Chipset Driver version
    for that motherboard:



    Intel Chipset Inf Update Program V9.1.1.1014 for for Windows XP 32bit/XP 64bit/Vista 32bit/Vista 64bit Win7 32bit/64bit

  5. p.s. One more thing: that HDD defaults to SATA/3G (300 MB/second),
    and the cache is 32MB:


    The low HDTune "Burst Rate" of only 137.5 MB/second makes me suspect
    that your HDD's interface is running at only 150MB/second
    (also known as "SATA-I" or Gen 1):


    This is another reason to double-check the Chipset Driver version
    you are running currently.

    Along these same lines, it wouldn't hurt also to double-check
    the HDD's jumper default: according to WD's Jumper Specs,
    the lack of any jumpers defaults to 300MB/second. So,
    check to see if there is a jumper on pins 5 and 6:

    (see Figure 2: SATA Hard Drive Jumper Settings)

  6. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I just went ahead and bought another wd black 1tb at frys. The stuttering is gone and my system is pretty snappy. HDtune benchmarks are also normal. No erratic spikes. My min transfer rate does not dip below 55mb/s like the 1tb I got from newegg. I guess I just got a bad drive.
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