You may have heard that USB 2.0 is "backward-compatible" with USB 1.0?

You may have heard that USB 2.0 is "backward-compatible" with USB 1.0/1.1 (Full-Speed USB). While that’s true, USB 1.1 is also forward-compatible with USB 2.0.

Whenever a system has USB 2.0 ports, you’ll find the "Enhanced" USB controller in Device Manager, but you will also find two other USB controllers. These two to mantain backward compatibility to USB 1.1 devices. Each USB 2.0 host actually has 3 chips onboard. The USB controller routes signals to the correct controller chip depending on how a device is recognized. Where a device is physically plugged in has no bearing on how it is routed. All ports on a USB 2.0 motherboard can host any USB devices at all as long as the system and devices are healthy.

The vast majority of USB 2.0 devices will work on older PCs and Macs. None should flat-out fail unless there are other issues with the system. Hi-Speed USB devices will revert to Full-Speed operation when connected this way. Understand that Hi-Speed is at least ten times faster than Full-Speed in actual operation, so the speed difference is quite noticeable.
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  1. Ummm...

    I think everyone here knows that already. Especially given how long USB 2.0 has been available. I promise, we aren't all idiots...
  2. Methinks this is egregious self promotion considering the OP's Username and website are the same.

    Coincidence I think not...
  3. Hey, here a question on USB for you. Kinda on topic with the OP.
    The last week or so before my HD failed when ever I plugged in a USB 2.0 device I got a pop up telling me device would perform faster in a high speed port. I though it was a driver problem. I have since installed new HD's and a fresh windows install and I am still getting the same problem. It is like none of my USB ports are 2.0 anymore. I have several USB devices and 12 USB ports on my system. Any idea's what might cause this? I have tried reinstalling USB drivers but get the message when using XP or Vista drivers are not needed.
    I have a asus msi deluxe mobo MLN2R something i think. not at home atm so can't check it. I have USB keyboard, mouse, 2 external HD's, HD webcam, several gaming controlers, as well as use USB charging for my BB and my wifes cellphone.
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